We Simply Care about strengthening our communities, today and tomorrow.

Caring for the


Our commitment to creating a greener environment

Caring for People

Our commitment to providing the tools, training, resources and encouragement to help those in need

Caring for our Communities

Our focus on giving back directly to the communities in which we live and work


At Simply Cares, we care about the communities we live and work in. 


Our mandate is to ensure we are contributing to the health and sustainability of the people that we work and live with. That means contributing to programs and events for youth at risk, helping to provide shelters for those less fortunate, educating our neighbors on green energy solutions, and by leading the way to reducing the carbon footprint in our communities. 


Simply Group is a group of companies delivering energy efficient solutions so Canadians never have to sacrifice comfort or quality for essential services.


With a commitment to transparent, unbiased, value add products and services, Simply Group strives to deliver great customer experiences at every touch-point.


With steady year-over-year growth, Simply Group is the fastest growing residential and commercial energy company in Canada.




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