Today's high-efficiency furnaces are up to 96% efficient* 

*Enbridge Gas


LED Lightbulbs can last 30 times longer than incandescent bulbs*


Caring for the Environment

Simply Cares is dedicated to helping to make the environments in which we live and work cleaner.  

We do this through through the high-efficiency products our companies offer, through on-the-ground initiatives in local communities and by providing leadership on green energy.




CO2 concentrations have risen up to 39% over the last century. CO2 can be neutralized by trees and green space*

*Arbor Environmental Alliance

48 lb.

The amount of CO2 a single tree can absorb in one year*

*Arbor Environmental Alliance

450 years

The average amount of time it takes for plastic to decompose*


4 lb.

The average person generates 4 pounds of waste per day*


Cleaning our Communities

9 billion tonnes

of litter ends up in the

ocean every year*



of littered items are

cigarette butts*


Reduce, Reuse,


How We Help

The Energy Star, high efficiency products that we supply through our brands allow Canadian homeowners to make greener choices and live more sustainably.

We aim to educate our communities and employees about the importance of green energy and making homes energy efficient.